Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Gentlemen’s Profile of ABC 7 Chicago News:
Ryan Chiaverini

ABC 7’s most dapper journalist and singing guitarist makes a cool transition from powerhouse athlete to Windy City Live anchor.  

A Day in the Life of Ryan Chiaverini
On December 6, 2012, After School Matters journalism student Joshua Conner had an opportunity to spend the day with a Chicago television personality, Windy City Live Co-anchor Ryan Chiaverini at ABC7 studios. Joshua wanted to get some insight into his desired career and so he  asked for his advice for future teenage journalists. Chiaverini allowed Conner to see journalism firsthand, by attending a taping of the show Windy City Live, looking in at a post production meeting and even giving the interview at the studio.Conner got a tour of Chiaverini’s dressing room with all of his monogrammed tailor made suits  and of his office, where he has a vast pink collage of the memories he has had with his celebrity crush Jenny McCarthy.

Athlete to Anchor Story
Chiaverini was an athlete, before becoming a television anchor. In fact, his love of sports, and playing college football actually influenced him to get into journalism. Chiaverini said, Windy City Live is a lot different from his previous profession as a sportscaster because “Broader perspective of the world, you must be well versed, and the next chapter, growth in profession and everything worked out.” Chiaverini said that as a sports broadcaster covering the Bears at the Super Bowl was his highest achievement. Chiaverini sense of humor came through when he sarcastically stated, “Too bad, they lost though.” While hosting for Windy City Live, he said that co-hosting with Jimmy Kimmel was a surreal experience because, Kimmel was more than a guest he was a host, and he had, “Been watching him for so long.”

Windy City Live and Ryan Future Career Outlook
Chiaverini’s definitely made his mark and influence on ABC, from reporting about the effect of injuries that halted his career as athlete, to his humorous creation of the Two Minute warning. In the business of journalism, Chiaverini said, that, “In this business, it’s hard to say where you will be in the next few years, it depends on if the bosses want us around.” Chiaverini’s career-defining moment was on Windy City Live, “His first show, as it was the transition of replacing Oprah’s time slot after twenty-five years.” Chiaverini hopes that Windy City Live gets a “fraction of Oprah’s success” and becomes a “staple in Chicago”.  

Advice to Aspiring Teenage Journalists
The advice Chiaverini would give to teenage journalists is, “Get involved as early as you can”. The headline of Chiaverini’s life would be, “Living in the moment”, because time is moving faster than you think, “I’m 35 years old, and I still feel like I’m your age!”

TWO Minute Warning!Transcript
By: Joshua Conner After School Matters-Teen Reporter

Ryan Chiaverini is also the creator of the two minute warning. The Two Minute warning is when Ryan asks athletes and celebrities trivia and personal questions about them.Look at the responses he gave when After School Matters reporter Joshua Conner, gave him the two minute warning to get a personal profile of him. Ryan Chiaverini even said, “I have never seen the two minute warning transcribed before”, and “I never thought that much work goes into the two minute warning! Check out our Profile of Ryan’s Two Minute Warning about Ryan!

Ryan’s Responses to Two Minute Warning About Him!

Conner: Name the first things that come into your mind when you hear these subjects,


Chiaverini: AWESOME

Conner: California     

Chiaverini: WARM

Conner:Jenny McCarthy    

Chiaverini: BEAUTIFUL

Conner:Windy City Live    

Chiaverini: BEST SHOW EVER!

Conner:Denver Broncos    


Conner:You are on a desert island, name three things you would bring?

Chiaverini: Guitar, Internet, Unlimited Pizza

Conner: Rank these women on a scale of 1 to 5 on your crushometer!

Chiaverini: JENNY MCCARTHY    5


Chiaverini: MARIA MENOUNOS 3

Chiaverini: JULIANNE HOUGH  10!

Conner: If you were not on television, would you be doing something with Music?

Chiaverini: “Yeah, I would make a living singing!”

Conner: Where did you get the catch phrase, “Hey how you doing?”

Chiaverini: “I got it from the tv show "Friends", Joey used to say it when he saw an attractive woman”.

Conner:Christmas is coming soon, what is number one on your Christmas list?

Chiaverini: Musical Recording Equipment

Conner:Give us your big two minute warning sendoff!

Chiaverini: “Chicago, much love, if it doesn’t snow all winter, I won’t complain.”